Logo Design & Branding Services

Elevate your brand with Zass's Logo Design & Branding services. We help businesses create a unique and memorable identity, connecting with their target audience effectively.

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Why is Branding Important?

Effective branding goes beyond a logo it communicates your values, establishes credibility, and builds trust with your audience.

Zass specializes in crafting compelling brand identities that resonate with your target market, leaving a lasting impression.

Our Process

Crafting a distinctive brand requires a strategic approach. At Zass, we guide you through a comprehensive process designed for optimal results.

Discovery :

We analyze your business, target audience, and industry to create a comprehensive brief outlining design goals and strategies for your logo and brand identity.

Concept Development :

We brainstorm creative concepts that capture your brand essence, ensuring they align with your business values and resonate with your audience.

Design Refinement :

Through iterative design refinement based on your feedback, we ensure the final logo and brand elements align perfectly with your vision and goals.

Brand Guidelines :

We create a comprehensive style guide outlining visual elements, color schemes, typography, and logo usage for consistent branding across all platforms.

Finalization :

Delivering the final logo design and brand elements in various formats, ensuring versatility and adaptability for various applications.

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See an example of a of our work.


Specific Deliverables
  • Comprehensive Discovery Report
  • Creative Logo Concepts
  • Refined Logo Designs
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Final Logo Files (Multiple Formats)


1 weeks

“Zass exceeded our expectations with their logo and branding services. They not only understood our brand but also showcased a keen understanding of design principles. The collaborative process made us feel involved at every step. Zass delivered a logo that truly represents our identity, and we couldn't be happier with the results.”

Sohrab Rafie , Wayv Agency